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  • "Hey! I think I smell something!" says Buddy the WonderDog.

    "Hey! I think I smell something!" says Buddy the WonderDog.

A few mornings ago I caught this little bunny in the act of eating dandelions in my front yard (I KNEW there was a reason I was "too lazy" to mow!). This morning Buddy the WonderDog caught the scent and then the sight of this furry little critter ... but the bunny lives on to hop another day. TBTG.

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I believe almost anything can become ART, depending on the circumstances. The light, the angle, the distance, and the viewer's own concept of beauty are just a few of the variables that — when they are just right — turn the Ordinary into Art.

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I had a great time visiting with Bobbie Hunhoff at the Stellagarth Alpaca Ranch when I wrote a feature story on her farm in September of 2011 for The Chronicle newspaper. I took so many adorable photos of the fuzzy critters that I sent a whopping 15 photos into the newsroom for them to choose from (photogs normally send in just 3 to 5 photos). I happened across the photos again this morning and thought I'd like to share their beauty with you. Here are a few of the unpublished favorites ...


Yup. It's me with a beard. Me with a beard and a steelhead. A dang pretty beard and a beautiful Cowlitz River steelhead. This photo documented the FIRST steelhead I ever caught, a feat that was accomplished with the amazing help of Scott Gibson of Gibson Guide Service. (This photo does NOT document that I actually have a beard.)