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I believe almost anything can become ART, depending on the circumstances. The light, the angle, the distance, and the viewer’s own concept of beauty are just a few of the variables that — when they are just right — turn the Ordinary into Art.

I have found art in the moss on a fence post, art in a rusted bucket, art in the wild abandon of a happy dog running through high grass. This kind of art isn’t something you could ever truly capture and place on a pedestal in a gallery or hang on your wall. It’s art that changes with the moment. One minute it’s ART, the next minute it’s just a rotten fence post.

Nature is full of ART, you just have to slow down long enough to see it.

St. Francis of Assisi prayed in nature and discovered more about God and about himself through the practice of contemplative prayer in nature. Today with all our modern comforts and conveniences, we tend to be alienated from the earth and from ourselves. As you take the time to stop and contemplate the beauty around you, you will learn to recognize ART when you see it … and, best of all, you will grow more fully into the mystery of God and become more alive and more complete in your joy in the simple beauty that surrounds us.

Author: Sister Casey
Sister Casey

I was born as Kimberly Mason, my Religious name is Sr. M. Magdala Casey, n/SSG. The “n/SSG” after my name stands for “novice/Sisters of St. Gregory.” I am a Sister-in-training. Everyone just calls me Sister or Sister Casey. Email me: sistercasey @ almostdailyoffice.org

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