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  • "Hey! I think I smell something!" says Buddy the WonderDog.

    "Hey! I think I smell something!" says Buddy the WonderDog.

A few mornings ago I caught this little bunny in the act of eating dandelions in my front yard (I KNEW there was a reason I was “too lazy” to mow!). This morning Buddy the WonderDog caught the scent and then the sight of this furry little critter … but the bunny lives on to hop another day. TBTG.

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Author: Sister Casey
Sister Casey

I was born as Kimberly Mason, my Religious name is Sr. M. Magdala Casey, n/SSG. The “n/SSG” after my name stands for “novice/Sisters of St. Gregory.” I am a Sister-in-training. Everyone just calls me Sister or Sister Casey. Email me: sistercasey @ almostdailyoffice.org

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  1. The Bug says:

    I found you!! I’ve added you to my blog roll so hopefully I can keep track of you now 🙂

    Oh, and cute bunny – I’m glad Buddy wasn’t able to catch it. Ha!

    • Sister Casey

      Sister Casey says:

      We met here in the blogosphere some years ago at the beginning of my Episcopal journey. I’m SO glad we are still strong friends after all this time. You and Dr. M. have been a terrific blessing of support and love and I hope one day we will get to meet in person! ♥♥

      Oh, and bunnies still hopping! He chased three around the back yard last night, not a one was in any danger. 😀