• German Longhaired Pointer, Griffey, May 2, 2015

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From Called to Be Friends, by Paula Ripple:

Of all the gifts that God gives to sustain and nourish our lives none can equal the presence of a faithful friend. No sacrifice is too great, no personal discipline too exacting, no struggle too painful to offer in exchange for the ability to give and receive friendship. Each investment that we make in one friendship enriches every other friendship. All of human experience and all of life is somehow related to our ability to call another “friend.”

Photo: Griffey (a German Longhaired Pointer) and her best friend, my eldest son, Stosh.

Author: Sister Casey
Sister Casey

I was born as Kimberly Mason, my Religious name is Sr. M. Magdala Casey, n/SSG. The “n/SSG” after my name stands for “novice/Sisters of St. Gregory.” I am a Sister-in-training. Everyone just calls me Sister or Sister Casey. Email me: sistercasey @ almostdailyoffice.org

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