… I love her so!

I have always been proud to say, “That’s my mom.” I’ve whispered it to people as she was standing up in front of a group giving a talk. I’ve said it to strangers, neighbors, parishioners, townsfolk, friends and family. I’ve said it with teeth clenched, with eyes rolling, with a foot stomp, and with fists raised. I’ve also said it with a great big grin on my face, with a silly giggle, in a tone of hushed awe, and with a cheer. However I’ve said it — and I’ve said it a LOT through my 53 years —  I’ve always said it with pride.

I love you, mom. ♥

The Hermitage
Author: Sister Casey
Sister Casey

I was born as Kimberly Mason, my Religious name is Sr. M. Magdala Casey, n/SSG. The “n/SSG” after my name stands for “novice/Sisters of St. Gregory.” I am a Sister-in-training. Everyone just calls me Sister or Sister Casey. Email me: sistercasey @ almostdailyoffice.org

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  1. The Bug says:

    Oh yay! I finally got your blog to show up on my news feed! Now I’ll remember to read it 🙂

    Boy, I had all of those same “That’s my Mom” moments too. Makes me grin to think about it…