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I listened to this podcast interview with Sister Simone twice through yesterday and started reading Sister Simone’s book last night. SO compelling.

Something that Sister Simone said during the podcast interview spoke to me so strong and hit me so hard as Truth, I nearly had to pull my car over. Krista Tippet asked Sister Simone about women and the future possibilities for ordination in the Roman church. Sister Simone answered in a way that was more about herself than the entire Church. (Ordination was something I was asked to consider and have fairly recently, through a discernment with my spiritual director, have decided it is not my calling.)

“But here’s the thing, my role is to be priestly in places where the gospel wouldn’t go otherwise. And if I were ordained as clerical, that all gets circumscribed by church and needs of parishes and administration and all that. Where … the freedom of what I have now? It’s HUGE! And I have a chance to respond to people’s hungers in such a different way, and that is liberating.

“If you read my book, I’ve got this sort of heretical thing in there about ordination. That there are different kinds of ordination and people get called to different types of service. And in many ways what I do is … I mean, I hear many confessions, I comfort many people, I have a chance to speak of the gospel in places it would never happen otherwise. I mean, the Democratic National Convention? That was pretty amazing. How could I NOT rejoice in this opportunity?”

The fact that it spoke to me is NOT to say that I think priests are better than sisters (as it is shown in my own community, you can be a sister AND an ordained at the same time!), but that for ME it’s the right thing to “just” be a sister, a woman religious. There is a freedom I have as a sister, that I would not have if I had decided in my discernment to Holy Orders to follow through with the priestly track.

And if you know me, you know how I LOVE freedom and have a bit of a rebellious streak. TBTG for that gift and the gift of Joy! 😉

Author: Sister Casey
Sister Casey

I was born as Kimberly Mason, my Religious name is Sr. M. Magdala Casey, n/SSG. The “n/SSG” after my name stands for “novice/Sisters of St. Gregory.” I am a Sister-in-training. Everyone just calls me Sister or Sister Casey. Email me: sistercasey @

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