The Hermitage
  • Riffe Lake boat launch

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  • Lake Mayfield, Cowlitz River, HWY 12 Bridge

  • Lake Mayfield, Cowlitz River, HWY 12 Bridge, scenic

I went fishing early Saturday morning. Knowing it was destined to be a beautiful day (and a HOT one!), we started early. We put in at Riffe Lake, a bit surprised that there wasn't more competition for boat ramp space, but were  so drawn in by the peace and beauty surrounding us, we barely took note of it. We did, however, have a mission in mind: silvers (which is, essentially, a landlocked Coho). I showed up with rod and reel in hand; my friend had

I have been preparing for Pentecost Sunday at work and at home — creating the service bulletin, the announcements, updating the website, finishing up my Pentecost banner — and while I work I have had a lot of time to contemplate the meaning of the day, the season, and how it relates to our parish life. I must confess, 

Sunrise over the Cowlitz River

How did you begin your day this morning? Did you leap out of bed, excited for a new beginning, ready to tackle whatever projects and joys and problems await you? Or was your gentle (or fitful) sleep shattered by the sound of an alarm clock (and WHY we continue to put up with something that has such an arresting name, I'll never know) and was your first thought


I started quilting the Pentecost banner this morning. I was nervous. I AM nervous, but I can handle it. I can do this. SURELY, I can do this. I've done it a hundred times. But I'm scared.


My first blog, started in 2008, was called "An Oft Traveled Road." This morning I spent a little time looking back, looking down the roads I have traveled as recorded on my blogs. Lately I have been wondering, why blog? What is the purpose of my blogging? What does it actually accomplish?


The Rule of Life for the Sisters of St. Gregory is composed of many small parts: Of Vows, of the Life of a Sister, Of Common Life, Of Common Work, Of Common Worship, Of Individual Renewal, Of Individual Ministry, Of Individual Devotion. As I prepare to make my formal application to make my first profession of vows, I am working to consider each and every Rule. And, as I consider this Rule, to contemplate my desires and abilities to live up to this Rule. One of the most misunderstood by my friends is the vow of chastity


What are we waiting for? The time to be right? The moment to be perfect? The sun to come out? A better place? A better person? A better life? Love now. Smile now. Forgive now. Dance now. Stop at look around you, see the beauty that is in this world. And do it NOW.