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In January, as I was looking through the list of spiritual directors at the Priory Spirituality Center in Lacey, WA, I stumbled upon the "Listening with the Spirit," a two-year spiritual director formation program. My heart stopped for a moment and I heard a call so strong that it would have thrust me into the computer monitor and into the webpages to wallow in the very delicious idea of it all, if it had been able to do so. But it couldn't, and didn't. So I

  • German Longhaired Pointer, Griffey, May 2, 2015

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From Called to Be Friends, by Paula Ripple:

Of all the gifts that God gives to sustain and nourish our lives none can equal the presence of a faithful friend. No sacrifice is too great, no personal discipline too exacting, no struggle too painful to offer in exchange for the ability to give and receive friendship. Each investment that we make in one friendship enriches every other friendship. All of human experience and all of life is somehow related to our ability to call another "friend."
Photo: Griffey (a German Longhaired Pointer) and her best friend, my eldest son, Stosh.

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  • "Hey! I think I smell something!" says Buddy the WonderDog.

    "Hey! I think I smell something!" says Buddy the WonderDog.

A few mornings ago I caught this little bunny in the act of eating dandelions in my front yard (I KNEW there was a reason I was "too lazy" to mow!). This morning Buddy the WonderDog caught the scent and then the sight of this furry little critter ... but the bunny lives on to hop another day. TBTG.

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I believe almost anything can become ART, depending on the circumstances. The light, the angle, the distance, and the viewer's own concept of beauty are just a few of the variables that — when they are just right — turn the Ordinary into Art.